Unplanned and spontaneous painting

I read and heard many times that before starting a painting, one must plan it well: composition, colour palette, etc… In general I do agree with this, but in real life when painting I like breaking this rule really often!


Breaking rules may be fun, especially if it doesn’t harm anyone 🙂 My favourite way is to take a piece of paper, look at it and try to see something on it, from its texture of from shadows falling on it. At this step I may roughly foresee rough composition of a future painting.


But sometimes I can’t, though this doesn’t stop me from starting the painting 🙂


In any case I just pick a colour according to my mood and start applying bold washes to paper. Sometime I may just limit myself to one colour.



And sometimes I choose a few colours and play with them.


And yes, sometimes I (or my brush?) lose control and just take a bit of all the paints “we” like:) This is where the real fun begins!

img712 img716

Very often I get some unexpected colour combinations and blends. These are surprises, but nice and pleaseant surprises.


It may happen that I already applied many colours to paper and I still don’t know what it’s goning to be, but then it just clicks and hands go on and bring the result which may satisfy me much more than the result of a very well planned work. (I almostnever really plan well, but sometimes I just plan a bit 🙂 )

img753 img751

What do you think? Do you insist that all should be planned? Or maybe that it should never be planned, or just sometimes? Do you enjoy playing with paints, brushes and paper (canvas)?

I believe, the more fun and satisfaction a person gets during creating something, the more is the chance that others will enjoy it as well!


2 thoughts on “Unplanned and spontaneous painting

  1. As you can probably tell from my Flickr, I am the complete opposite. Without planning, I wouldn’t be able to put anything on paper. Because of lack of confidence, it’s hard for me to do anything without prior planning. But it was your free-form and subtle watercolors that eventually led me to try watercolors. And I still aspire to someday just put paint to paper and do an impromptu subtle landscape like yours, especially your monochromes. It was that kind of basic simplicity that made me feel like, hey… maybe I can try.
    It’s funny how different everyone can be. Because for me, it is so much easier to plan whereas what you do is very difficult for me to put into practice (but what I hope to work towards). And I love how your paintings look so happy to be free. If I try this way with mine, they just look like they have no idea what they want to be. So, ironically, I would need to learn more discipline with paints before I can achieve freedom like that.
    I think the one rule everyone can agree on is that the rule is different for everyone.

    • Hey, nice to see you here :)!

      I am also very happy to hear that my paintings led you to start using watercolour!

      You are right, we are all so different, at the end I think main criteria here is you just should enjoy what you do. It can be planned or unplanned, loose ot not, one colour or many of the.. First of all I paint, because I enjoy it. Actually this may be the only reason so far 🙂
      Show me your results, when eventually you decide to take more risk, I’d like to see! There is always a chance you will just ruin your paper, but if you never try, you never know what could happen and this is how you develop a skill. I honestly ruined a lot of paper, but I don’t regret -) I am sure you’ll succeed. Your works are already beautiful, you have your style!

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