I think it’s always nice to know a bit about a person, who decided to write a blog. So, I am Lilya. I was born in a small Ukrainian town – Novovolynsk, where I spent over 17 years of my life, until I moved to Kyiv – our beautiful capital and my favourite city! It became my home for another 6 years and I still love returning there and enjoying it.

I decided to have this blog to share my painting experience with you, but maybe it will be more than this.

Still a child I enjoyed seeing beautiful pictures and drawings, I liked drawing as well, but I never took it seriously and never got any special classes for this. One of my memories from childhood is adults asking us (children) who we wanted to become, and I could never give any answer to this question, while everyone else had an idea of what they wanted to become. Well, they also had an idea about my future – always saying that Lilya will become an artist 🙂 I went on with my hobby until beginning of university, but then abandoned it for many years, until I moved to Istanbul. First I tried painting with oil and acrylic paints (have never done this before).

Out of curiosity some time later I decided to give watercolours a try. I must admit – that was a totally different world after oil and acrylic paints. It was so hard to change my mindset, especially in terms of white colour. While I always used to add it in the very end in oil paintings, I had to think of it at the very beginning with watercolours, because paper was now my white colour. That was really hard, challenging but so much exciting. Watercolours are exciting anyway. They feel lighter, more free, more magical maybe… I am not talking only about result, I’m talking about process. I love watching watercolours flowing and mixing with each other or with water on paper.

After almost 7 years in Istanbul, we have moved with my husband to California and now I have a lot of time to spend on improving my painting skills.

I don’t use this blog for sharing all my paintings. I rather have it to share some pieces of useful information which may help others. My paintings can be found in my Flickr or Instagram accounts.


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